When dark secrets from the past collide with the present, Jake and Arin Welsh's lives are thrown into a tailspin. Suddenly, their only son's life hangs in the balance. Will they reconcile their pasts in time to save their family? Arin Welsh grew up in the foster care system. She and her husband Jake spent years entangled in a cult before breaking free. When they decided to start a family, they were thwarted by infertility. Finally, Arin has found stability. Through in vitro fertilization, she gave birth to Troy. Her warm marriage, professional fulfillment as a sign language interpreter, and the affection and support of an unlikely friend provide the backdrop for a tranquil life. Then one chilling day, four-year-old Troy is maliciously altered by forces that Arin and Jake are unable to comprehend. Can Arin contend with the mayhem surrounding her? Or will she dare to consider a source of protection and redemption greater than herself?