Nowadays lots of people experience that their current income is not sufficient to fulfil their dreams like a car, a flat, going for holidays or a house. Maybe you belong to those who expect more from live than working 40 hours a week and solely for the ideas of other people or organisations. But what could we ‘do’ to achieve our greatest dreams?Of course you could work slightly longer every week – working even more?Or you could put some money aside – but which money?This book is supposed to present another way to build up some-thing alongside your normal job. But how should that work and does it really pay off? As an alternative for your second job this book presents a special concept in its qualitative and structural as well as quantitative and financial aspects. The author successfully works with this concept since several years. He explains the principles of a business system that grows constantly and puts people in the position to gain A SECOND INCOME – from the start alongside their job to a new liveli¬hood.Let’s put an existing and successful model into practice – together with an experienced expert.Eike Clausius